Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 tools

There are so many fad diets, lotions, potions and empty promises to lose weight and for anti aging.  It breaks my heart to watch so many vulnerable people run from one gadget to the next gizmo with hope that something will work.  The fact is, without adopting a whole new lifestyle that truly teaches the HOW TO’s of optimal aging and the HOW TO’s for fat loss, you will never succeed for good and you’ll always remain on the disappointing weight loss roller coaster that never ends.  Are you ok with this?

I wrote Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 tools because I broke my chains and I never want to be a dieter again.  I come from an overweight family who possess lots of love and prove their love through food and good times.  I had to relearn everything from eating and cooking and how to kick the cravings for pizza and fries (ooh those were my favorites!)

This book is perfect if you have not yet succeeded at losing weight permanently. It’s great if you aren’t overweight or obese but simply want to optimize your way of life.  It’s great if you’re tired of being tired and moody.  It’s especially perfect if you need to learn new outlets to turn to when life is challenging.  This book is best for learning how to help others that you love.

Think of a book that has a toolbox of suggestions (107 of them) where you can read one tool at a time, all of which contribute to the necessary steps for weight loss and optimal age management success. That is my book!  We must remove ourselves from this very fast pace culture which requires our attention to scatter into the universe, leaving  little time for ourselves. My theory-our brains are not built for this fast pace society and the common mind is being chained up to the perils of poor health habits. Fast paced lives cause you to deviate from your body and live outside of your mind. Learning how to use the tools offered in my book will help you break the chains of being overweight/unhealthy.

You must learn that chronic dieting never works. Addressing the core problems that cause you to be fat is the first step to changing poor behaviors.

Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 tools invites you to move towards self realization,  learn to love yourself, and give back to yourself.  Forget counting calories.  That doesn’t work.  Having a handy toolbox will help create new opportunities to stave off the stressors that cause you to eat! At the end of each tool, complete the exercises which contain questions that reflect on the tool you just read. By doing each exercise question, you develop a plan of action. You get love and support from me as you read, too.

Be sure to opt into the JZ FITNESS TIMES and periodically visit for useful information.   It’s time you break your chains today.  Order my book and prepare to take life to a whole new level for yourself.  You deserve it!

Breaking the Chains of Obesity

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